Amazing Night at May 20 Heal Our Land Adoration

Tonight was AMAZING!! Somewhere between 200-300 faithful came together for the May 20 "Heal Our Land" Holy Hour. Literally, EVERYONE said that this night was UNBELIEVABLE! More than 2,200 people viewed the event via live stream on the Heal Our Land web site, YouTube and the BoxCast platform.
This was about begging for a Holy Spirit Revival in the USA!! This was about "getting strong" and "getting united." After our powerful Holy Hour in church, we spilled onto the lawn in our new outdoor "Gracie's Cafe."
A replay of the event can be found on our web site, YouTube and BoxCast. These will be every Thursday night from 6-7pm (except next week is 5-6 p.m.). Come one, come all!

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